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National Inaugural
First Nations Dingo Forum 2023


15 & 16 September 
Cairns, Australia


About the Dingo Forum

A forum like the National First Nations Dingo Forum provides an opportunity for traditional owners to have a say in Dingo management, legislation and conservation and how they wish for this culturally totemic animal to be managed without the use of lethal controls and are included in the decision making process.

The National First Nations Dingo Forum will empower Aboriginal Rangers and Traditional Owners, whilst providing a pathway to self-determination, develop and implement cultural biodiversity solutions that promote and align with reconciliation and closing the gap initiatives.

The National First Nations Dingo Forum
is vital for Aboriginal Rangers and Traditional Owners and will provide all perspectives from stakeholders
for individuals to make informed opinions on this topic.

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Pullman Cairns International
Cairns, Queensland


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Girringun Aboriginal Corporation aims to engage Aboriginal Rangers, Traditional Owners and Elders across the nation to provide the Aboriginal perspective and to lead a respected debate on the Dingo based on Aboriginal lore and cultural environmental knowledge.

The forum platform enables Aboriginal Rangers, Traditional Owners and Elders to open the discussion about the Dingo in a healthy, robust and transparent dialogue.  It is hoped that through these discussions that Aboriginal Rangers, Traditional Owners and Elders can create pathways to a better understanding of the Dingo from a cultural perspective and advocate a change in current management methods:

  • Implement and encourage the use of non-lethal methods for Dingo Conservation.

  • Provide a unified Aboriginal Voice across the nation to advocate and implement change in policies
    across all legislations relating to management of the Dingo across Australia in all states.

  • Implement Aboriginal led Dingo Conservation and Management Research Projects within IPA Areas and potentially bring an Indigenous voice to decisions on adjacent public lands and with local farmers and graziers. 

  • Promote and share culture of the Dingo and the significance it has in Aboriginal society (local perspective).

GAC Dingo TO Working Group A.jpg

Girringun Traditional Owner Dingo Working Group

GAC Dingo TO Working Group.jpg

About Girringun

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation is located at Cardwell, half-way between Townsville and Cairns in

north-Queensland. The corporation represents the interests of traditional owners from nine tribal groups: Bandjin, Djiru, Girramay, Gugu Badhun, Gulnay, Jirrbal, Nywaigi, Warrgamay and Warungnu.

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation has been active in the north-Queensland community since its incorporation

in 1996, contributing significantly to the advancement of Indigenous affairs. Girringun was instrumental in negotiating better land and sea management outcomes, in the process, laying the foundations for other traditional owner groups looking to do the same. The successful development of Australia’s first Traditional

Use of Marine Resources Agreement is one such example of Girringun in action.

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation was influential in the Queensland Government decision to rename Lumholz National Park. After almost a decade of negotiating with the government, the park was renamed Girringun National Park in 2003 in recognition of the connection that the nine tribes of Girringun have with the land.

About Girringun
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