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Wabu Jananyu Project

Support us to become a major player in the
development of the Rainforest fruit industry

GAC’s goal is that rainforest fruit production will provide an economic opportunity for all nine member groups to utilise their land, work together and collaborate to be a major actor in the Bushfood sector.

A 3-stage project is envisioned, which involves:

  1. Establishing a rainforest fruit orchard with an initial 500 trees,

  2. Developing the nursery to supply rainforest fruit trees

  3. Expanding the rainforest fruit orchard to 4,000 trees whilst working with member Groups of Girringun to establish their own Rainforest Fruit production. 

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Be a part of our exciting innovation

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Our progress to date

GAC own a 45 Ha block of land with a nursery, shed and office premise that has been in caretaker mode since 2017 when a contract with Main Roads (QLD govt) expired. They have been seeking opportunities to re establish agriculture and nursery activities on this site. 


A land suitability and water assessment has been completed that confirms the Girringun’s property has suitable soil and water for setting up a rainforest fruits orchard. 

As the Market for Bushfoods grows, research has shown there is a significant unmet demand for products that will be grown, positioning GAC into a strong position to meet the industry needs.

Forecasts indicate the project will become financially viable from year 7 onwards once fruit trees have begun to mature and bare fruit. This is the length of time for viability similar to other tree varieties such as Avocados, making the prediction realistic and achievable.

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FINANCIAL GOAL $100,000 seed support

Initial estimates suggest that the nursery and rainforest fruit orchard would have significant Indigenous benefit, including:

  • 5 to 10 new jobs

  • $550,000 in annual revenue made up of $500,000 per year from fruit sales and $50,000 per year in nursery sales

  • Opportunity to hold cultural events and provide education on propagating and growing native rainforest fruits

  • Environmental improvements through the restoration of cleared and degraded Indigenous lands

  • Opportunity for multiple Indigenous PBC Groups to work together to build a financially viable business on land where they have previously had limited economic opportunity

*we are seeking a pledge of AU$100,000 annually for five years.

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