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Girringun, Land, Sea, Culture & Arts Campaign

Support us to become a major player in the
development of our programs and people

Girringun’s member Traditional Owner groups


In 2014 Girringun achieved registration of our Public Benevolence Institution (PBI) and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), enabling Girringun to solicit and receive tax deductible donations in Australia.

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation represents the interests of Traditional Owners from nine tribal groups: Bandjin, Djiru, Girramay, Gugu Badhun, Gulngay, Jirrbal, Nywaigi, Warrgamay and Warrungnu. These are the current generations of people who have continuously occupied the broader region for up to 80,000 years (The Guardian 2017). Girringun is based in the coastal town of Cardwell, Australia, situated midway between the regional centres of Cairns to the north and Townsville to the south.


Girringun seeks to grow the capacity of the organisations, our suite of innovative programs, and our
revenue streams so we can continue to serve our mission and the local community, whilst providing
meaningful employment for local people. Girringun seeks to introduce viable social enterprises and embark on structured fundraising.

Girringun is seeking tax deductible donations and philanthropic investment to:

  • Build, promote and encourage Indigenous Youth engagement

  • Develop and instigate a cross-regional Leadership Program

  • Harness the power of technology across the organisation – upgrading corporate
    information technology (IT) and becoming skilled in using IT to our utmost advantage, regionally,
    nationally and internationally.

  • Employ or engage a Grant Writer (part-time and/or full-time)

  • Employ a Business Development Manager (part-time and/or full-time)

  • Establish a state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable and user friendly complex
    to include the whole organisation on a 50 acre freehold block at Damper Creek just to the south
    of Cardwell incorporating culture, business, social and people looking towards a positive future.
    This complex is to be the central location of operations for Girringun and will house all program
    areas so it will cover a variety of uses including work-site, cultural space, training venue, tourism
    outlet, short-term accommodation, family and community engagement spaces. Special attention
    to Highway turning lanes and railway crossing may incur significant expense.

  • Create pathways for our Indigenous staff to step up into management roles

Support our organisation donate today...


By supporting Girringun’s efforts to grow the organisation, donors are helping to:

✓ Support culturally and environmentally sustainable economic development activities
in our economically disadvantaged north Queensland region
✓ Empower communities and individuals across the Girringun region with holistic support –
socially, financially and culturally
✓ Employ Aboriginal people in real jobs so that they can properly support their families,
grow self-esteem and become less reliant on welfare
✓ Support Aboriginal people in learning new skills, taking on more responsibility, increasing
their capacity to succeed to more senior positions and attracting financial reward
✓ Assist a proven, successful Aboriginal corporation to reduce its reliance on government funding,
and strengthen Girringun’s own viability and core business
✓ Build a more secure future for Girringun and our member Traditional Owners


All donations are tax deductible

Ways to donate:

In Person

235 Victoria Street, Cardwell Queensland 4849. Australia.

All donations are greatly accepted.


1. Select the amount you would like to donate
2.  Click the button below.

3. Follow the steps to process your payment.


Donations are tax deductible in Australia.

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