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Girringun Aboriginal Corporation is an Indigenous led model. As keepers of country, culture and community, support is required to enable our custodians and Traditional Owner groups to continue the vital and necessary work to manage the pristine ecosystem of our region. Support Us!


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


Girringun Campaign

235 Victoria Street, Cardwell Queensland 4849. Australia.

All donations are greatly appreciated.


Gulngay Elders Home Renovation

They are the last remaining Gulngay Elders on the planet. Both are fluent language speakers and senior knowledge holders.


As an endangered  Indigenous community they need your help.

Dingo_Credit Sydney Dingo Rescue.jpg

Dingo Forum 2023

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation aims to engage Aboriginal Rangers, Traditional Owners and Elders across the state of Queensland to provide the Aboriginal perspective and to lead a respected debate on the Dingo based on Aboriginal lore and cultural environmental knowledge.

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