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Girringun Region

Indigenous Protected Areas

‘As the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of the Lands, Freshwaters and Saltwaters of the southern wet tropic and the northern dry tropic of north east Australia, we have declared and dedicated the Girringun Region Indigenous Protected Areas for the benefit of all future generations and our region’s diverse communities of species.’

(Girringun Region Indigenous Protected Areas Management Plan 2013-2023, encompassing the lands of the Bandjin, Djiru, Girramay, Gulngay, Gugu Badhun, Jirrbal, Nywaigi, Warrgamay, Warrungnu)

The Girringun Indigenous Protected Area (GIPA), declared in June 2013, is a voluntary agreement between Traditional Owners and the Australian Government and is part of the National Reserve System. The GIPA is comprised of mixed tenures and encompasses many layers of legislative and management responsibilities.

Projects developed, through the GIPA partnership engagement model, aim to address social, cultural and environmental issues and challenges regionally and nationally. Girringun IPA partners include Local, State and Federal Government Authorities and agencies, non-government organisations and community groups; business sector and private land holders.


The GIPA provides an opportunity to enhance Traditional Owner and Indigenous engagement and involvement in regional natural and cultural resource planning and management. The GIPA engages and works with Girringun Tribal Members, Rangers, Staff and GIPA Partners to ensure that Traditional management practices and knowledge are both recognised and incorporated strategically and on ground to help keep Girringun country and culture healthy and strong.

Over 1.2 Million hectares in size, the GIPA includes terrestrial, marine and coastal areas.

Our Mission


The GIPA is a regional representative platform to support and facilitate Traditional Owners and Tribal Members (approximately 750) active engagement in co-management of Traditional land and sea estates with regional, national and international partners.



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