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Help Gulngay in their fight

for survival

Gulngay people are the Traditional Owners of the eastern sections of Tully Gorge National Park, Tully River in the west, across the Murray River in the south, and up to and including the Walter Hill Range in the north and Tully, Queensland.

Today there are fewer than twenty-five Gulngay people left and the housing conditions of the Gulngay Nanas after Cyclone Yasi is dire.


They are the last remaining Gulngay Elders on the planet. Both are fluent language speakers and senior knowledge holders.


As an endangered  Indigenous community they need your help.

Gulngay Nana.jpg

Marjorie and Doris Kinjun (pictured below) are Rainforest People - Gulngay people and their house is next to their beloved Tully River at Euramo in Far North Queensland. It is where they and their Ancestors have lived for thousands of years. Their hope is to live out their lives close to their children and grandchildren. 


Indigenous Australians continue to face disadvantage in areas of health. Our population has

a higher mortality rate and a lower life expectancy than other Australians, just 5% (31,000)

of the Indigenous population were aged 65 and over compared with

16% (3.4 million) of the non-Indigenous population. 


Residents in the community recognize the contributions and struggles the Kinjun Elders have had and are rallying to assist in-kind and financially but it is not enough. 



Our Elders are Living Libraries and National Treasures.
They deserve to be protected and respected, so they can live a peaceful life

on Country. 

What the funds will be used for

An Elders housing project is where the support will be directed.


The house received significant damage during Cyclone Yasi in 2011 and although a new roof and minimal repairs were made through insurance, the house has deteriorated and needs significant repairs and renovation. 


Executive Officer of GAC Phil Rist said looking after Elders homes is a priority.


“The Kinjun Elders have been a big part of the community. They have seen and experienced more in their lifetime than many.  They’ve endured hardship and we don’t want that to continue into their later years. Indigenous housing needs to be front and centre."


Funds will be administered by Girringun Aboriginal Corporation who have Deductible Gift Recipient status as a registered charity.  

All donations are tax deductible

Ways to donate:

In Person

235 Victoria Street, Cardwell Queensland 4849. Australia.

All donations are greatly accepted.


1. Select the amount you would like to donate
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3. Follow the steps to process your payment.


Donations are tax deductible in Australia.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too. 

Please call us if you wish to make a donation above $20,000 or to make a bequest.


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