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Girringun Aboriginal Rangers out on Brook Islands

The Brook Islands National Park is a national park in Cassowary Coast Region, Queensland, Australia, 1246 km northwest of Brisbane, with an area of 0.9 km2. It comprises three islands - North, Tween and Middle - which lie off the coast 7 km north-east of Cape Richards on Hinchinbrook Island and 30 km east of the nearest mainland town of Cardwell.

The fourth island of the Brooks group, South Island, is not part of the national park but is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Public access to the three islands in the national park is prohibited in order to protect breeding birds, especially the Torresian imperial-pigeon.

The islands have no roads, walking tracks or other facilities. Popular activities in the waters around the islands are boating, snorkelling and fishing.

Simon Muriata and Andrew Congoo out on Brook Island.


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