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Girringun Goes Digital

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Girringun Aboriginal Corporation takes a virtual approach to its future.

Using technology to broaden markets for e-commerce and global access while keeping it local - image of Girrringun Art Centre homepage .

Digital Girringun will put the technology into the hands of the people, allowing access to the world from country

Taking the tech road

Technology in Aboriginal communities has largely been undersold. Determined to not be left behind on the technological super information highway, Girringun Aboriginal Community has made an investment into its future with the launch of its new website The site has been designed as a living portal which serves a social, communication, promotion, and economic platform from Girringun to the world.

Groundbreaking in its use of early forms of AI, Girrringun seeks to simplify and demystify technology and put it in the hands of the community itself.

Moving forward, key areas around digital inheritance, e-commerce and virtual tech deployment on the ground are some of the areas Girringun will be building policy and procedures around as well as up-skilling staff to embrace the tech whilst discovering new ways to apply it.

An example of this can be found in the way in which the rangers currently engage drones in their research and mapping. Footage is now being shared internally to be applied to social media and marketing promotions, giving people worldwide a glimpse into the majesty of Girringun Country. This also means that we can begin to monitor and analyse how this impacts the organisation, from site visitations, purchasing of artworks, merchandise, products and services, to eventually being able to see impacts on local area tourism post Covid-19 restrictions.

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